Demons defeat the Sharks, Round 11 Match Report.

Monday, June 18, 2018 - 2:43 PM

An outstanding performance by the Demons in Round 11 has seen our boys bring it home for the second week in a row! This is the first time Demons have achieved a back-to-back win since 2016.

With five goal unanswered goals in the first 15 minutes, we were on top from the outset, setting the tone for the rest of the game.

The Demons went on to kick seven goals to three in the remainder of the first quarter. Despite a spirited attempt at a comeback from the Sharks, the Demons were not threatened, despite being just two goals up at half-time.

Great forward line pressure allowed for repeat entries into the forward 50 for the second week in a row. This lead to the achievement of more than 60 inside 50s for the first time this season.

In stark contrast to our other wins of the season, the Demons held a strong lead and commanding presence across the ground for the duration of the game, recording a comfortable 64 point victory against the hapless Sharks.

The Demons achieved 20 goals in a single game for the first time in the 2018 season. In just his third League game, Michael Bennell was responsible for an outstanding seven of these, while Cody Ninyette set up five, in what could be considered his best game of the season.

Brant Colledge compiled 32 possessions for the Demons, Cody Leggett 31, Corey Yeo 25, Mitch Browne 21 and Michael Sinclair 19.


Strong performances in the Reserves side saw an outstanding win against the Sharks, as the boys get onto a winning track.

The team was lead by strong performances from Eyres and Etto, as they resumed from injury.

Jared Bell played his first game in two years, returning from back-to-back ACLs.

Bell and Spencer White completed 50% game time, adding to a growing list of players pushing for League selection.




Goals:  7 - M Bennell 5 - C Ninyette 2 - C Byrne, K Cary 1 - L Wilkins, C Jones, A Scotney, B Johnson, M Henderson

Best:    M Browne, B Colledge, C Giblett, C Ninyette, M Bennell

Reports:          Nil.


Goals:  3 - G Hampson 2 - J Mcnamara, C Eardley 1 - J Perham, J Marsh, S Fletcher, J Jansen

Best:    C Eardley, D Winton, G Hampson, J Mcnamara, J Cuneo

Reports:          Nil.




Goals:  3 - S White, K Chester, M Jones 2 - J Ugle, L Marlin, C Leonard 1 - L Salomone

Best:    C Marshall, M Jones, K Chester, J Johnstone, J Ugle, S Smith

Reports:          Nil.


Goals:  2 - L Pearton, C Holmes 1 - A Ryan, A Holmes, Z Mccarrey, J Clements, A Montauban

Best:    L Pearton, J Kalajzic, A Holmes, K Schofield, Z Jackson

Reports:           Nil.