Life Member Nominations Open

Friday, October 19, 2018 - 9:30 AM

The Perth Football Club have opened nominations for Life Membership.

Being a Perth Football Club Life Member is one of the highest honours awarded to those who have been significant contributors to the Club.

If you know someone who is deserving of a Life Membership, please nominate them by 4pm 9th November 2018.

The criteria for Life Membership are as follows:

  1. Nominations must be on a nomination form, signed by the proposer and seconder who both must be current members of the Perth Football Club, answering the questions as provided.
  2. The nomination must be submitted to the Board at least one calendar month prior to the Annual General Meeting (4pm, 9 November 2018) and is to be accompanied by a short statement setting out the Nominee's record of service to the Club.
  3. Nominations shall only be referred to the Annual General Meeting for consideration if approved by the Board.
  4. The Board shall not approve referral of a nomination to the Annual General Meeting where the person nominated is not a Member.
  5. The Board has an absolute discretion in relation to the approval of referrals of nominations to the Annual General Meeting but should take into account the nominee’s contribution to the Club in areas such as playing, coaching, administration and volunteer work. It would ordinarily be expected that a nominee has given ten year’s service to the Club before their nomination will be approved by the Board for referral to the Annual General Meeting.

For further information on Life Membership and the Life Membership Nomination Form, please contact the CEO, Marty Atkins on 9362 4499 or by emailing


Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 12:52 PM

Join us on Saturday 27 October for the Friends of Finlay Camp Out! We're excited to again be hosting the Friends of Finlay Camp Out at Lathlain Park.

2017 was a huge success for our first year and this year we plan to make the camp even bigger and more fun (if that’s even possible) than the last.

The Camp Out highlights the need for increased research into Hepatoblastoma and all money raised will go to the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc.).

It’s going to be a bigger event this year with: Perth Demons footy kicking, a jumpy castle, superhero entertainers, giant games, live music, face painting and BBQ dinner!

By coming along to join us all on the 27th October you will be helping to fund research into childhood cancer and you will be sharing this incredibly fun day with Finlay and his friends. So don’t wait until the last minute make this huge and register today!

This is an outdoor community event for families, adults and children to camp together overnight to help raise awareness for the need to research further into Hepatoblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer, and raise funds for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation.

Event Details

  • Date: 27/10/2018 - 28/10/2018
  • Start: 2 pm
  • End: 8.30 am
  • Locatoon: Lathlain Park, Goddard Street, Lathlain, Western Australia, Australia

Book your spot today!

What the WCE WAFL team means for Perth Football Club

Monday, October 15, 2018 - 3:11 PM

Good afternoon Members, Sponsors and Supporters,

Over the last week, you have read the WAFC press release and significant media attention regarding the West Coast Eagles securing a side in the WAFL for 2019. 

Following careful consideration of the proposal put forward by WCE, the decision to approve the proposal was made by the WAFL Council of Presidents on the 10th October 2018. This will make the WAFL a ten team competition.

Throughout the discussions with the WCE and WAFC, the Perth Football Club has had protecting the Club's best interests as our primary goal.

The Perth Football Club Perspective

The West Coast Eagles CEO, Trevor Nisbett made it quite clear when talking as a guest speaker at our Sponsors Networking Event during the year that the WCE preference was to field their own team over alignment.  

When East Perth announced that they wished to end their alignment with WCE earlier than the 2019 agreement it became obvious decisions had to be made.

It is imperative to the Perth Football Club that the WAFL’s integrity is maintained, our branding is enhanced and not diminished, and our great game in WA has opportunity to become stronger through a better WAFL competition.

After discussions with the WAFL Clubs, the West Australian Football Commission put together a joining proposal.

Our main issues were:

  1. Financial
  2. WCE not using the WAFL to build their brand at our expense
  3. The WCE to be competitive but not dominant
  4. Ground usage at Lathlain Park.


Under the Alignment model, both WCE and Fremantle Football Club pay an alignment fee to the non-aligned clubs. Throughout negotiation, it was emphasised this should be maintained. The final financial agreement for WCE to enter the WAFL is:

  • Continuing the current total alignment fee - $467,000pa + CPI
  • Meet the additional costs of East Perth’s funding, being bought up to the level of non-aligned clubs -$230,000
  • Meet the additional competition costs (umpires etc) - $54,000
  • Additional annual club grant of $5,000 per WAFL Club, CPI indexed
  • A once of sign on fee of $10,000 per club.

This is a total annual investment of approximately $800,000 pa before meeting their team costs. This was acceptable to the WAFL Clubs and the WAFC. The WAFL Clubs will be in a stronger financial position.

The alternative of them playing in an AFL reserves competition or the VFL would have had serious consequences for our finances and player retention, as we would have no control.


It was agreed that the WCE could play under their name and will use a non-AFL jumper in their colours.

The WCE advised they have no intention of commercialising the AFL through their WAFL participation. They acknowledge any promotion must be for the benefit of the WAFL.

If they wish to commercialise their WAFL  team it must benefit all WAFL Clubs. For example, if they engage sponsor who wants to support the WAFL, then all WAFL clubs need to benefit.

WCE having a team in the WAFL has the potential to increase our exposure and promotional opportunities. The WCE must align with the competition sponsorship guidelines.

The WCE team is to be competitive, but not dominant

A draft proposal of maximum top up players from various categories has been prepared by the WAFC. This includes interstate league players at a maximum of two at one time, not being able to employ top up players, maximum of player payment of $350 per game.

WCE will come under our points system, but with a limited points allowance of say 50 or 60. There will be a salary cap for top up players.

This preliminary suggestion has not been agreed to. This is primarily because the WCE staff have been busy with the grand final and now trade week.

Generally, the WAFL Clubs believe the proposal is too generous and would rather we start at a low base and at seasons end, at review, increase player allowance if needed. Four of our CEOs, the WAFC and the WCE will meet regarding this and make a decision at the end of October.

Ground Usage

This concern is specific to the Perth Football Club. Currently our ground usage is protected in our MOU. However, whilst the MOU gives our Colts use of oval two, it is only if not needed by the WCE.

I have spoken with their CEO who believes we can have same access as in 2018, however we will need to consider future ground usage. Usage will get more complex when the Eagles, and hopefully, the PFC, get women’s teams.

The WCE have advised they will improve lighting to AFL standards and construct a new scoreboard at Lathlain.

The WCE will not have a home ground, instead playing each game at the away side’s grounds. This lessens Lathlain Park’s usage.

The WCE have suggested they can buy these games and play them at Lathlain. We are opposed to this unless it doesn’t impact our ground usage. We will be meeting with the WCE asap to discuss ground usage issues. Fortunately, most of our usage is protected by our MOU.

In conclusion,

This has not been an easy decision as all WAFL Boards are very protective of our great competition.

However, we must be realistic as the football landscape has changed with having two WA sides in the AFL. I reiterate again the WCE playing strength is designed to make them competitive not dominant.

The WCE have been very appreciative of the opportunity and excited by the prospect of competing in the WAFL. They have also committed to increasing their promotion of the WAFL.

The SANFL were very harsh on their two AFL sides player top up lists. As a result, the Adelaide Crows SANFL side finished on the bottom, with a percentage of 59%. Port Adelaide were second bottom with a similar percentage, apparently crowds were shockingly low as a result.

Ensuring the WAFL maintains and strengthens its identity, we can continue to grow the WAFL in all aspects, maintain our integrity and make WA football stronger have been important considerations.

In the participation agreement there is a condition that sets out the terms of reference for a full review of all conditions at the end of the 2019 season.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the Perth Football Club President, Daryle Mann.

Are you OK? Support is available through Outside the Locker Room.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 - 10:17 AM

The Perth Football Club are proud partners of Outside the Locker Room, a program that focusses on providing education and support for players in their daily lives. Our playing groups are supported through our partnership with OTLR.

OTLR's programs centre on areas such as mental health, drugs, alcohol, gambling and domestic violence. Through mentorship and education it brings awareness to these topics.

This Mental Health Day, we are reminded of the imprtance of support and taking part in the Outside the Locker Room (OTLR) programs. 

The PFC would like to encourage all our players, members, sponsors, fans and staff to reach out if they are dealing with mental health issues. Players are reminded that they can reach out through the OTLR app. 

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, please reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14.

A series of tragedies have led to Peel Thunder Football Club adopting a revolutionary mental health program, created by a former AFL footballer, which is changing lives.

Former Carlton player Jake Edwards created Outside the Locker Room after his own mental health struggles, coupled with alcohol and drug abuse, which culminated in him attempting to take his own life after he was delisted in 2009.

The welfare and education program was developed in partnership with mental health and youth services experts and is delivered in local sporting clubs, schools and community groups via interactive workshops over 12 months.

It focuses on mental health, drugs, alcohol, gambling and domestic violence and through a mobile phone app provides an anonymous secure platform for users to access support.

WAFL teams Peel Thunder and the Perth Demons are among the dozens of sporting clubs across the country to use the program.

Peel Chief Executive John Ditchburn said the loss to suicide of three teenage footballers associated with the Club’s Development Squad, followed by the death of sponsor Tony Sieracki 12 months ago, left the Club reeling and desperate to access support.

“We looked at different organisations but couldn’t get any continuation,” he said. “When we found out about Outside the Locker Room, we jumped on it.

“It’s attached to Lifeline and Youth Focus and it immediately made a difference.”

The program has been undertaken by the Senior and Colts teams and the development squad, and there was a 98 per cent uptake of users completing an anonymous questionnaire.

“Out of the 90 guys at the footy club that went through it, we still have four that are on counselling and there is a 95 per cent uptake of the Monday health check,” Mr Ditchburn said.

The questionnaire provided the club with some alarming data, including that a number of players had used drugs.

The Demons introduced the program after becoming aware that two of its players were struggling with mental health issues.

“As we know with young men, they’re embarrassed and don’t want to share it with anybody,” chief executive Marty Atkins said. “But they can share through the app and people at the other end can red-flag it and provide support.

“The underlying message — making people feel they belong. Our players are a massive part of the change we want to make here and it’s the reason we’ve had one of our better years.”

Perth football operations manager Dale Ballantyne said he had noticed a positive impact, with more players comfortable talking about their personal struggles. “You can ask them now how they are going — are you OK? — it’s the best message out there and blokes are getting better at doing that,” he said.

Lee Sieracki, whose husband husband Tony took his own life aged 46, believes passionately that when it comes to mental illness, there should be no secrecy.

Mr Sieracki was a partner in a Mandurah accounting firm that sponsors the Peel Thunder Football Club. More than 1000 people attended his funeral.

Since his death, Mr Sieracki’s football club the Mandurah Makos has hosted a mental health round to encourage men to speak out.

“Big burly men from various football clubs came up to me, sharing their personal stories of depression, some in tears,” Mrs Sieracki said.

“It was only after his death that we were all talking to each other and putting our stories together and it all seemed so obvious. Things are said in secrecy but when it comes to mental illness, I don’t think there should be any secrecy.”

Dianne Eddy with a mirror covered with pictures of her son Austin.
Dianne Eddy with a mirror covered with pictures of her son Austin.Picture: Ian Munro

Dianne Eddy has had to watch on as her son Austin’s old footy teammates reach milestones that he will not — attending the school ball, playing colts, turning 18.

Austin took his own life just a month shy of his 16th birthday and his mother has spent every day since his death on December 21, 2016, asking why?

The Pinjarra teenager was a talented footballer and had a bright future in harness racing.

“He was a natural horseman ... all the things he could have done with harness racing,” Ms Eddy said.

“And his old teammates are playing colts footy now, which is really hard.”

Since his death, Ms Eddy noticed Austin’s friends and peers had become better at communicating and looking out for one another. “His mates talk a lot more openly now,” she said.

Ms Eddy hoped that by sharing her story, young men would be encouraged to speak to someone if they were feeling depressed.

“If they’re not comfortable talking to their mums, find someone else around that you can speak with,” she said.

“Most people who have survived a suicide attempt thought (taking their lives) was the wrong thing to do, so sit back, take a breath and reassess.”

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, phone Lifeline on 13 11 14


Originally published as "Suicides spur sporting clubs to ask are you OK?"

Vale Brian Holdcroft

Monday, October 8, 2018 - 2:03 PM

With the recent passing of Brian Holdcroft we are reminded of the Club’s halcyon days of the sixties and seventies when our success was built on the production of home-grown talent.

So many youngsters came through what was then the Perth Football Club Junior Council to become successful League players that the Council was rightfully considered to be the leader in its field among all WAFL clubs.

One of the many people who contributed greatly to this success was Brian Holdcroft who, among other duties, was Secretary of the Council for a period of time in the mid-seventies. Brian was a tireless worker for junior development, his efforts being rewarded with Life Membership of the Council.

The Perth Football Club extends sincere sympathy to Brian’s son Greg, himself a Colts player for the Club, and to the Holdcroft family in their loss.

Brant Colledge Claims 2018 Butcher Medal

Saturday, October 6, 2018 - 5:45 PM

Brant Colledge has taken home the Perth Football Club's highest honour, the Butcher Medal, after what was an outstanding season for the Club.

Colledge was successful with 101 votes, beating 2017 Butcher Medallist Captain Clint Jones by a single vote. Jones took home the Runner Up Best & Fairest, with Corey Yeo finishing third on the final leaderboard for the 2018 season.

Colledge has always looked a tremendously capable footballer at both the AFL and WAFL level when his body has allowed him to be fully fit, but unfortunately for him that hasn’t been the case often enough.

But it did happen for longer than at any other point in his career during 2018 and the result was the best and most consistent season of his career with the Demons.

Colledge started the season playing largely across half-forward, but as his fitness, form and confidence grew the longer the season went on, the more time he spent in the midfield in an area that became a real strength of the resurgent Perth in 2018.

Playing in a midfield unit that included Clint Jones, Corey Yeo, Cody Leggett and the emerging Corey Byrne, Colledge put together a tremendous run of form finishing the season averaging 26.4 disposals across his 17 matches while also kicking 13 goals.

He had six games along the way where he collected 30 or more possessions and with his big body and ability to win contested ball and use it well, he became a key part of the Demons' line-up that threatened to break their finals drought in 2018.

Colledge ended up being rewarded by winning the Butcher Medal as the Perth fairest and best winner in a season where he was also named to the WAFL Team of the Year on a half-forward flank.

Captain and last year's Butcher Medallist Clint Jones was runner-up in this year's vote count in recognition of yet another outstanding season. Jones racked up another 28.6 possessions a game in 2018 including eight times reaching 30 or more.

Having played 149 games in the AFL either side of his time in the WAFL firstly at South Fremantle and now Perth, he continues to be a standout midfielder in the competition with 141 games under his belt between the Bulldogs and Demons.

Corey Yeo finished third in fairest and best voting with the former Claremont on-baller a tremendous addition for the Demons averaging 25.1 disposals and playing all 18 matches.

Colledge won the Butcher Medal by polling 101 votes to win ahead of Jones (100), Yeo (98), Clayton Giblett (91), Corey Byrne (88), Kristian Cary (86), Cody Leggett (85) and John Levien (80).

Kristian Cary won the Redlegs One Percenter Award along with being joint leading goalkicker with he and Cody Ninyette both kicking 28 goals for the 2018 season.

Christian Eyres was named Best Clubman while Simon Jenkins took out the Club Person of the Year award.

Sydney Stack was named the Most Outstanding Young Talent while also winning the Jack Ensor Medal as the colts fairest and best ahead of Connor Sing.

Kurtis Chester won the Greg Brehaut Medal as reserves fairest and best winner ahead of Callum Marshall. 


Butcher Medal: Brant Colledge


 Perth Football Club Best & Fairest


Runner Up Best & Fairest: Clint Jones

Third Place Best & Fairest: Corey Yeo


Vince Pendal Award: Christian Eyres

Best Clubman


 Ron Tucker Memorial Trophy Award: Cody Ninyette & Kristian Cary

Leading Goal Kickers


Redlegs 1% Award: Kristian Cary

Most Sacrificial & Courageous



Jack O'Dea Memorial Trophy: Simon Jenkins

Best Club Person


Doug Buckingham Trophy: Sydney Stack

Most Outstanding Young Talent


Final League Leaderboard

B. COLLEDGE 101 votes
C. JONES 100 votes
C. YEO 98 votes
C. GIBLETT 91 votes
C. BYRNE 88 votes
K. CARY 86 votes
C. LEGGETT 85 votes
J. LEVIEN 80 votes
M. SINCLAIR 79 votes
M. TAYLOR 76 votes


2018 Reserves Awards

Greg Brehaut Medal: Kurtis Chester

Reserves Best & Fairest


Runner Up Best & Fairest: Callum Marshall


 Coaches Award: Braden Piggott

Redlegs 1% Award: Fraser Barns


Final Reserves Leaderboard

K. CHESTER 85 votes
C. MARSHALL 82 votes
B. MCPHAIL 78 votes
S. SMITH 77 votes
C. BENNELL 70 votes
I. BUCKLEY 67 votes
L. MARLIN 67 votes
B. PIGGOTT 65 votes
D. HORAN 64 votes
S. PERKUSICH 63 votes


2018 Colts Awards

 Jack Ensor Medal: Sydney Stack


 Runner Up Best & Fairest: Connor Sing


PP&OA Encouragement Award: Ryan Mally

View the full list of Colts award winners here.


New Constitution accepted unanimously by members

Friday, September 28, 2018 - 1:42 PM

The Board are pleased to advise our new Constitution which was approved by members at the Special Grand Meeting on 6 September has now been lodged for registration with the Department of Commerce.

Richard Camm’s amendment to replace the word “Association” in the submitted Constitution with “ Club” was passed by a very clear majority at the meeting. 

The Board have also made slight adjustment to the By Laws to ensure they match the new Constitution. All members and stakeholders will be notified when this is finalised.

You can download the Perth Football Club Consitution here.


2018 Jack Ensor Medallist: Sydney Stack

Friday, September 28, 2018 - 12:14 PM

Congratulations to all the Perth Football Club Colts on their 2018 season.

The 2018 season saw our top end players achieve representative honours. Many proved to be outstanding in the State Academy, with Luke English and Sydney Stack achieving All Australian Honours. In what was a trying year for the group, it is promising to see strong state representation.

Ian Hill, Sydney Stack and Luke English have strong AFL prospects in the upcoming draft. Stack in particular furthered this potential by securing the Ensor Medal.

Deven Robertson and Elijah Taylor have been selected to play in the AFL 17s Futures game in the curtain raiser to the 2018 AFL Grand Final.


RWF XVIs Program

Coaches Award                                                 Jack Evans

Troy Cook Courage Award                                Charlie Byron

Ross Young Leadership Award                         Logan McDonald

Waldock Player of the Carnival                         Nathan O’Driscoll


WA State 16s Representatives

Logan McDonald

Nathan O’Driscoll


All Australian 16s Representatives

Logan McDonald

Nathan O’Driscoll


Colts Program

Mark of the Year                                                Elijah Taylor

Goal of the Year                                                Bailey Smith

PP&OA Encouragement Award                        Ryan Mally

Spirit of the Colts Award                                    Lachlan Fraser


2018 WAFL Colts Team of the Year

Luke English

Sydney Stack


WA State 18s Representatives

Luke English

Ethan Hansen

Ian Hill

Deven Robertson

Sydney Stack

Elijah Taylor


All Australian 16s Representatives

Luke English

Sydney Stack





2018 Jack Ensor Medal Runner Up

Connor Sing


2018 Jack Ensor Medallist

Sydney Stack



Sydney STACK             80

Connor SING                 74

Luke ENGLISH              72

Zac CASEY                    57

Nyika JOHN                   55

Deven ROBERTSON     50

Nathan O’DRISCOLL     50

Austin DAVIS                  46

Bailey SMITH                 40

Regan CLARKE             38


POSTPONED EVENT: hUge2 at the Lathlain Function Centre

Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 1:24 PM

The Perth Football Club events team wishes to advise that this event has been postponed until further notice.

Please feel free the contact the Club if you have any questions.

Sinclair and Colledge make TABtouch WAFL Team of the Year

Friday, September 7, 2018 - 3:05 PM

THE TABtouch WAFL Team of the Year has been selected for 2018 and 20 of the 26 players named will all be taking part in this Sunday's semi finals featuring Subiaco, South Fremantle, West Perth and Claremont.

Over the course of the 2018 WAFL season, the team selected a Team of the Round after each weekend of football.

Based on those 21 teams selected, the TABtouch WAFL Team of the Year has been named featuring 22 players and four emergencies that have earned their place in the side based on the number of times they were named throughout the season.

The might mean some star players who missed large parts of the season or weren’t quite as consistent miss out like Swan Districts' Rhys Palmer, South Fremantle's Cory Dell'Olio and Mason Shaw, Claremont's Jared Hardisty, Haydn Busher and Alex Manuel, Subiaco's Brad Stevenson, and East Perth's Luke Partington.
Every player that was named to the Team of the Round on six or more occasions has been included in the Team of the Year, with Subiaco's Lachlan Delahunty and West Perth's Shane Nelson named in 13 of their 18 games for the season.

Subiaco captain Kyal Horsley and West Perth veteran Andrew Strijk were both named 12 times throughout the season with Perth's Michael Sinclair, Subiaco's Hayden Kennedy and Josh Deluca, and Aaron Black named nine times.
Subiaco's Chris Phelan, Peel Thunder's Danyle Pearce and Claremont's Jye Bolton were selected on eight occasions, and Claremont's Anton Hamp and Kane Mitchell, Perth's Brant Colledge, South Fremantle's Shane Hockey and Nick Suban, and Subiaco's Zac Clarke picked seven times.
South Fremantle's Haiden Schloithe and Marlion Pickett, Subiaco's Ben Sokol, West Perth's Blake Wilhelm and East Fremantle's George Hampson were named to the Team of the Round six times and made it into the final 26 of the Team of the Year.
Of the 10 players who were nominated five times throughout the season, West Perth's Tyler Keitel, Subiaco's Jordan Lockyer and East Perth's Patrick McGinnity made the final 25.
Throughout the 21 rounds of the 2018 WAFL season, a total of 161 players were named at least once to the Team of the Round.
East Perth had the most players nominated with 23 of them earning a spot at least once, while Subiaco had 22 players, Swan Districts 19, Peel Thunder 18, South Fremantle 18, Claremont 18, Perth 16, West Perth 15 and East Fremantle 12.
In terms of players earning the most spots over the season, Subiaco was the dominant team and understandably so given they went through the campaign undefeated. The Lions made up 99 of the 462 positions available across the 21 rounds.
West Perth players claimed 65 of the positions, South Fremantle 62, Claremont 53, East Perth 47, Perth 41, Swan Districts 31, Peel Thunder 34 and East Fremantle 26.
The back-line of the TABtouch WAFL Team of the Year features Subiaco's Lockyer and Claremont's Hamp as the key position players with Subiaco's Kennedy, Perth's Sinclair, South Fremantle's Suban and West Perth's Wilhelm around them.
Subiaco's Aaron Heal, East Fremantle's Jayden Schofield, Claremont's Haydn Busher and South Fremantle's Shaun Bewick all made strong cases throughout 2018 too.
The midfield was the one most difficult to narrow down but Subiaco's Horsley, West Perth's Nelson and Claremont's Bolton picked themselves as did Subiaco's Phelan and West Perth's Black as the wingmen.
South Fremantle's Pickett, Claremont's Mitchell, Subiaco's Deluca and Peel's Pearce made up spots on the bench with East Fremantle's Hampson, East Perth's McGinnity, South Fremantle's Hockey and Swan Districts' Turner the emergencies.
Peel's Ben Howlett, Subiaco's Leigh Kitchin, West Perth's Luke Meadows, East Perth's Luke Partington and Claremont's Tom Curren were the next cabs off the rank in terms of midfielders.
West Perth pair Keitel and Strijk shared the Bernie Naylor Medal making them natural selections in the forward-line alongside Subiaco's Ben Sokol and Lachlan Delahunty. South Fremantle's Schloithe and Perth's Colledge fill the half-forward spots as players who can go in the middle too.
Perth's Cody Ninyette, South Fremantle's Brandon Donaldson and Mason Shaw, and Claremont's Alex Manuel were other forwards named in the Team of the Round at least four times.
At different points of the season, South Fremantle's Brock Higgins and East Perth's Fraser McInnes were in line for the ruck spot, but Subiaco's Clarke finished off so dominant he banged down the door for selection.

M & J Chickens Players of the Round
Round 1 – Rhys Palmer (Swan Districts)
Round 2 – Fraser McInnes (East Perth)
Round 3 – Cody Leggett (Perth)
Round 4 – Shane Nelson (West Perth)
Round 5 – Patrick McGinnity (East Perth)
Round 6 – Marlion Pickett (South Fremantle)
Round 7 – Andrew Strijk (West Perth)
Round 8 – George Hampson (East Fremantle)
Round 9 – Nick Suban (South Fremantle)
Round 10 – Ben Howlett (Peel Thunder)
Round 11 – Michael Bennell (Perth)
Round 12 – Kyal Horsley (Subiaco)
Round 13 – Lachlan Delahunty (Subiaco)
Round 14 – Cody Ninyette (Perth)
Round 15 – Brant Colledge (Perth)
Round 16 – Aaron Black (West Perth)
Round 17 – Patrick Italiano (Swan Districts)
Round 18 – Shane Hockey (South Fremantle)
Round 19 – Luke Partington (East Perth)
Round 20 – Zac Clarke (Subiaco)
Round 21 – Alex Manuel (Claremont)